Sunday, November 16, 2014

Struggles in a Vintage Era Kitchen

I've just about had it with my kitchen. Built in the 1940s I continue to struggle to keep it organized in the new millennium. While I love the vintage charm of the oak trim, the original metal cabinets, and enormous size I hate the layout. No cook's triangle in this space!  

Case in point, I came home from the grocery store just as the Hubs was putting supper on the table. He is a rock star in the kitchen and I must give a shout out to his culinary skills. 

Anywho, after supper this is what the kitchen looked like. (Be warned, it is not a photo for the faint of heart!)

In all fairness, this picture was taken was not long after I decided I couldn't take things the way they were organized anymore. I had actually put it on my brain dump list earlier today and was surprised myself when I got the burning desire to fix this mess once and for all. So with label maker in hand I got to work. 

The corner cabinet by the stove now has Babycakes' dishes as well as all of my baking tools and mixing bowls. 

This semi-circular cabinet houses the cat food, chips, and other miscellaneous food items. And the area I am most proud of....  Next to the refrigerator...drumroll please...

In full geek fashion I used my label maker in this cabinet. I'll label the others at a layer date but wanted to show off what's been done so far. It took me a little over an hour but I think it will save that time and more in the long run. 

Here's to an organized kitchen!

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