Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm Back!

Imagine my surprise when I logged on tonight to update this blog and saw that I had a guest blogger!  Thanks Honey!

After my scrapbook adventures on Saturday the Hubs and I ended up taking care of a sick little one.  We were so excited that she had made it 2 WHOLE weeks without getting sick.  We had our fingers crossed but it wasn't enough.  Back to the doctor we went yesterday.  This time it was a diagnosis of bronchitis and a sinus infection.  Poor Babycakes!  She can't catch a break. :-(  Here she is on the way home from the doctor yesterday.

Not sure what those red marks are on her face.  I think her cheeks are chapped with all of the cold weather.  :-(

The day before she was dressing up like a little fashionista.  Her Auntie Karen got her some new pants (she is wearing one pair on each leg) and she just had to try them out pronto!  The scarf belongs to me and the hat is her winter hat.  By 9:00 that night she was running a fever.  How quickly things can turn.

The good news is that she is on the mend and is starting to perk up now that she has antibiotics.  Although I do worry about the long term impact of having so many antibiotics in her system at such a young age.  I guess as a mom you are always worried about something.

I've also been trying to finish up some craft projects.  Some of which have been going on way. too. long.  Like this gem...
I started this when my best friend found out she was pregnant nine years ago.  Seriously, nine years.  Who takes this long to finish a project?  That would be me.  When I found out I was pregnant I started working on it again for Babycakes. I am so close to being finished.  The little girl in the top right corner is all I need to finish.  I finished the top left but it has all of her information on it and I don't feel comfortable posting it for all the world to see.  But I promise you that part really is finished!  I put it on my "to do" list for March so hopefully I will do it since I wrote it down.

I also wanted to show you what Cleo the cat does when I get up to grab a snack while I am catching up on my blog reading.
Apparently the Susan Branch blog that I enjoy reading isn't nearly as exciting for her.  

Finally, I posted this pic on Facebook.  It's my new 'do.
I still have to "deal" with it each morning but my hands on time has significantly decreased.  With all I have going on right now this is a definite plus.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good Morning from the Husband!

I will 'post' on this for the first time - I'm not much of a 'blogger' or anything, but will share some info. about our goings-on.

"Mama" went to scrapbook for the day, so I'm at home with Babycakes.  Grandpa Bill, (Mama's Dad from Texas), dropped in on his way to the airport to pick up his wife later today.  They will then go on to PA to see both of their mothers, who are at an assisted living place there.

All is fairly good here, but busy.  There's a lot of cleaning and home chores to do, so while Babycakes is napping, I can hopefully get a lot of that done.  For now, we wish all of you well and enjoy the weekend.   Jeff (a.k.a. "Hubs")

Monday, February 18, 2013

Project Updates...

After my VERY blah day yesterday, I thought I would update you all on some of the ongoing projects I have been working on.  Earlier, I mentioned a project I was working on for the Hubs for Valentine's Day.  The inspiration came from Pinterest.  Since there was a $5.00 limit I re-created this on my limited budget.  It's the words to our First Dance with out initials in the bottom left corner and our wedding date in the top left corner.  The frame was on clearance at Wal-Mart.  The Hubs definitely went over budget for me but I'm not complaining.  :-)

The other project I have been working on are some curtains for our family room that we moved to the basement this past summer.  I saw the fabric at Hobby Lobby and debated for a couple of months whether or not I should buy it.  I finally broke down and got it with a gift card I received. 

Sorry about the picture quality.  I have to use my cell phone because my crappy camera isn't working again. :-(

Anywho, my younger sister just found out last week she will be having a girl in July.  So I started on a blanket for my newest niece.
I'm not known for giving my handcrafted gifts on time but there's a first time for everything, right? 

On Saturday we took a trip to Lowe's where they had a lot of great stuff on clearance.  I mean like $1 and $2 stuff clearance!  So we went ahead and loaded up for Spring projects and Easter.  Babycakes will be getting some gardening goodies from the Easter Bunny.
So maybe the "My First Garden" was a little self serving, but I know for a fact she is going to LOVE the Elmo gardening stuff.  That kid can't get enough Elmo.  I've thought about decorating her room with Elmo but I'm pretty sure she would be so overstimulated that she would never sleep.

Finally, my favorite little "project" on Friday night.
We all went out for dinner because, quite frankly, no one wanted to cook.  So this was out Valentine's date.  Babycakes loves her catchup!  She didn't get that from me.  I can't stand the stuff!

So that is a project/weekend update.

Happy President's Day!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


What a title, right?  But that is how I am feeling today.  I'm normally out the door around 9:40 on Sunday mornings with Babycakes hot on my heels as we head to Sunday School.  The Hubs usually meets us there for Worship Service at 10:45 but not this morning my friends.  I just couldn't do it.
 I'm not ill and I got a full night's sleep.  I just have a case of blah.  I'm too tired to do much of anything today.  The Hubs took Babycakes to church and I laid in bed and read research studies for my dissertation.  So I wasn't entirely unproductive, I just don't want to leave the house today.  Who can blame a girl with when temperature is a balmy 27 degrees and the windchill is 12? 
So with Babycakes napping and the Hubs at our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class I decided to take a little "me" time.  So I will enjoy a mug of Earl Grey tea, a good book and the company of this beautiful girl...
I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

So today is Valentine's Day.  Not that this is a hugely romantic holiday in these parts anymore, but I'm really okay with that.  Who needs romance when you have this?
It was a balmy 50 degrees in the Valley today and Babycakes asked to go outside.  She hasn't asked to go outside since late summer/early fall.  So we bundled her up in her coat and headed outside for some fresh air.  We started off by walking around our 2 acre yard.  Eventually she got bored with that so we headed over to her swing set. I held her as she went down the slide and she LOVED it.  Giggling and signing, "More! More!"  Eventually Mama's back started aching so we headed over to her Little Tykes slide where she could climb up on her own.
  She was having a blast but couldn't quite figure out how to get back to the top so she could slide down again.

Eventually she mastered climbing up, but she still needed help getting in position to slide down.  But Babycakes is well on her way to being a slide expert!  She also enjoyed discovering her shadow for the first time.  She kept watching the shadows.  It was pretty cute to watch.

After a while Daddy came out to join the fun.  We headed back over to the swing set and played some more.
She isn't quite big enough to do this on her own without close supervision but she had a blast for the brief time we allowed her to play on this.  Not that you can tell from her face...

I also wanted to share a quick (as in less than 5 minutes) craft project I completed a couple of weeks ago.

I really like the hurricane vases that are so popular right now.  But they are so expensive!  I mean $20 for the "cheap" one at my local Wal-Mart.  So I headed over to the Dollar Tree and picked up 3 vases and 3 candlesticks for the whopping total of $6.30.
I cleaned them using dish soap and water and removed the price tags.  Then I fired up the glue gun and glued them together.  The result...
I put conversation hearts in them but that's not very smart for a person like me who has a terrible sweet tooth.  I ended up going out and buying more candy.  Next time I'll go for something that isn't edible. Maybe. I'm thinking about green glass globs for St. Patty's day and maybe jelly beans or plastic eggs for Easter. I'm sure the local dollar store will have some ideas for me. :-)

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!