Monday, February 18, 2013

Project Updates...

After my VERY blah day yesterday, I thought I would update you all on some of the ongoing projects I have been working on.  Earlier, I mentioned a project I was working on for the Hubs for Valentine's Day.  The inspiration came from Pinterest.  Since there was a $5.00 limit I re-created this on my limited budget.  It's the words to our First Dance with out initials in the bottom left corner and our wedding date in the top left corner.  The frame was on clearance at Wal-Mart.  The Hubs definitely went over budget for me but I'm not complaining.  :-)

The other project I have been working on are some curtains for our family room that we moved to the basement this past summer.  I saw the fabric at Hobby Lobby and debated for a couple of months whether or not I should buy it.  I finally broke down and got it with a gift card I received. 

Sorry about the picture quality.  I have to use my cell phone because my crappy camera isn't working again. :-(

Anywho, my younger sister just found out last week she will be having a girl in July.  So I started on a blanket for my newest niece.
I'm not known for giving my handcrafted gifts on time but there's a first time for everything, right? 

On Saturday we took a trip to Lowe's where they had a lot of great stuff on clearance.  I mean like $1 and $2 stuff clearance!  So we went ahead and loaded up for Spring projects and Easter.  Babycakes will be getting some gardening goodies from the Easter Bunny.
So maybe the "My First Garden" was a little self serving, but I know for a fact she is going to LOVE the Elmo gardening stuff.  That kid can't get enough Elmo.  I've thought about decorating her room with Elmo but I'm pretty sure she would be so overstimulated that she would never sleep.

Finally, my favorite little "project" on Friday night.
We all went out for dinner because, quite frankly, no one wanted to cook.  So this was out Valentine's date.  Babycakes loves her catchup!  She didn't get that from me.  I can't stand the stuff!

So that is a project/weekend update.

Happy President's Day!

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