Saturday, February 8, 2014

This Knit Wit's Organized!

     Winter is in full force around Wilted Acres! Lots of snow, ice and below average temps have made this one of the hardest winters I can recall in many, many years.  While I'm sure my students and I will be in school until the 4th of July, I am enjoying the winter weather and snow days.  It's the perfect time for me to dig into knitting projects!
Snowy Sunrise

     Despite being completely overwhelmed by things I need to do, I have to have time to indulge in creative pursuits for my own sanity. I learned to knit when I was about 16 from my great grandmother. I knew how to cast on and knit but that was it.  I lost interest and never finished a project.
     Then, shortly after marrying the Hubs, I went to a yarn shop in Richmond, Virginia while he attended a conference for work. I bought a GREAT book called Stitch 'N Bitch that you can find here, some bamboo needles and purple wool yarn for a scarf. After countless scarves and a blanket for my niece I was ready to leave the world of squares and rectangles behind for new endeavors. So I took a class at my local yarn store and learned to knit socks.
     In order to contain my growing knitting supplies I devised a portable system so I can take my sock knitting anywhere I want.  I found this little bag by Modella a couple of years ago at Target. I was using it as a means of housing emergency supplies for Babycakes to keep in the van. Unfortunately, I found that I needed it when I was not in the van. So I put another plan in place for her supplies leaving this beauty open for possibilities.  I love Damask patterns wanted to find a new use for it because it's so pretty.

     It sat on my dresser for about a week when genius struck. I could use it to haul around my current sock project! So I tested it out and everything fit perfectly!

I was able to fit my sock pattern in the bottom, two skeins of sock yarn, current project, and my little bag of knitting necessities.  I tried to show how it looked as I unpacked it...

My little pouch of knitting necessities. :-)

     I decided to lay out what I put in my necessities pouch.  Starting at the top is my purple leather pouch. It a little bigger than 7 inches long and it's about 3 inches high. My awesome stepmom got it for me when she travelled to South America for work.  I have two pairs of embroidery scissors. One I bought at Hobby Lobby and the other I believe came from Wal-Mart. I used to keep a pair in the drawer by my nightstand but Babycakes frequently gets in that drawer so I had to give them a new home. The blue and red things are stitch counters that slide on my needles. I bought them after Christmas at Hobby Lobby.  I have small point protectors for my sock needles, sock needles, and a small case for tapestry needles to weave in my ends. All of these were purchased at my local yarn shop. The crochet hook is for dropped stitches and I think that came from Wal-Mart. The small measuring tape was a free gift from CrossStitcher Magazine several years ago and the remaining point protectors came from a variety of places that I don't recall.  Michaels maybe?
Anyway, that's a quick look at my knitting organization. 
    And because I haven't posted any recent pictures of Babycakes I wanted to throw a couple in here. She and Daddy became quite accustomed to watching football on Sunday. I'm not sure who will miss it more - her or daddy!

Then last weekend, she and daddy "played" checkers at an event held by our church. 
(Sorry she's so blurry, but this kid rarely sits still!)

Even Cleo is enjoying the winter weather!

I hope Mother Nature is being kind to you all and you are enjoying the gifts she seems to continually provide.  Stay warm and I'll see you soon!


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