Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Babycakes Blow-Out!

It’s hard to believe that Babycakes is already 13 months old!  I still haven’t gotten the pictures from her first birthday posted.  However, in my defense, I have been bust creating lots of memories with my little one instead of blogging about them. 
I tried to upload some pictures from a trip we took this weekend but I am having technical difficulties.  So instead I will post some photos from the celebration of Babycakes.

 This beautiful girl turned 1 on June 2nd!  We had a HUGE party outside and the weather was perfect (except for the wind blowing the tablecloths all over the place!).

She got LOTS of books! Mommy is so happy about that because she is hoping that Babycakes will grow up to be a bookworm just like her!

And because playing is the way that she learns, she also got a lot toys to make her even smarter than she already is! (Although I don't know how that is possible!)

Even though this picture isn't the greatest, I wanted you to see the amazing cake my mom (AKA Grammy) made for Babycakes.  Has anyone picked up on the party theme yet? ;-)

I absolutely LOVE this picture even if she is pushing me away.  Of course, she had cake coming so who wouldn't push me out of the way for cake?!?
And, of course, the famous cake face picture.  How cute is this kid???

One last shot of the happy family!  Hope these photos were worth the wait! 

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  1. gorgeous!!! Happy 1st Birthday Babycakes :) My little guy turned 1 on July 1st, so they are very close!