Monday, May 21, 2012

Another weekend has come and gone and I am back a work.  Only three more weeks until Summer Break and I am looking forward to it!  I've had one of the best years of my teaching career so I'm sad that part will be over, but I am looking forward to a summer full of my sweet Babycakes.
This past weekend the Hubs send me out for a Girls Day.  While not everyone could make it (Boo!) I still had a great time with my Mom and sister-in-law.  We spent the day shopping at the Green Valley Book Fair. It is a wonderful place for a book lover like myself.  My only advice is to take a cart or wagon to haul your books around.  They do get heavy after a while! 
After getting mucho books, we headed to a consignment store for some clothes for Babycakes.  Got a supercute Harley outfit for her.  Brand new with the tags on it for $8.50.  Original price was $38.00.  SCORE! Then we hit what my sister-in-law called the GW Boutique (a.k.a. The Goodwill Store).  We found a couple of things there but most importantly, we had some excellent girl time.
That evening the Hubs, Babycakes, and I went to Mayfest - a local festival that is small town fun at it's finest.   We had "Fair Food" for dinner with Babycakes trying her first french fry.  I'm afraid she liked it as much as her Mama does!  After eating we walked around but all of the displays were closed for the day (we went in the evening to avoid the sun) so we decided to walk through the town.  I recently purchased a new gardening book and I am ALL about looking in people's gardens now.  So we took a stroll through town.
Babycakes seemed to enjoy our stroll as we toured the neighborhood.  There was a really sweet kitty who reminded me of a cat my family used to have back in the day.  She came down off of her cozy spot on her porch for a rub behind the ears.  I tried to get a picture but wasn't successful.

 I loved the roses and the stone wall in front of this house.  So I gave the camera to the Hubs so I could get in the picture for once!
After our stroll, we loaded up and headed back home.  On our way, we saw three hot air balloons.  Like the dorks that we are we followed them so that I could get these pictures:

 Amazing, right?  These were taken just up the road from where we live.  Even though hot air balloons are a fairly common occurrence around here I still get so excited when I see them. 
 When we got home Babycakes posed with her Daddy for this picture.  Then it was time to head inside and get ready for bed...
 I have no idea what she was looking at but I was trying to get a picture of her standing on her tippy toes peering over the side of the tub.  She was so darn cute doing that.  But as soon as I took the picture she wanted to know what I was doing.  That's when I got...

this picture.  I love, love, love the little "wings" of hair that stick out behind her ears.  And that face - OH I just love it!

I hope all of you had a weekend as fabulous as ours!

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