Friday, May 11, 2012

A Visit from My Texas Family...

Last weekend was full of family!  My dad, step mom, step sisters and niece all came in from Texas.  It was the first time Babycakes got to meet her Texas aunts and cousin.  It was wonderful to see them all - even if it was a brief visit.

When Dad met my future step mom (Gretchen) I was going through a pretty rough time.  I had just moved home and my personal life was what you could call turbulent.   I met Gretchen and instantly adored her!  She has been a great step mom and now Grandma to Babycakes!  Gretchen has two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Beth, who have become wonderful members of the family.  Sarah has a beautiful daughter I'm going to call Little Princess. :-)  Because she really is!  Anyway, I share an appreciation of all things Texas - including the wonderful Lyle Lovett - with my Texas family.

Here are some photos from their wonderful visit...

Grandma Gretchen, Aunt Sara and Little Princess with Babycakes

Babycakes gets to know her Aunt Sarah and cousin, Little Princess

 Beautiful Girls!

Babycakes is hamming it up for the camera!

The Little Princess is so sweet with Baby cakes!

So the pictures below were taken the next day at my sister's house.  When it was time to feed Babycakes, I asked Little Princess if she wanted to feed her.  She replies with an enthusiastic, "YES!"  So Little Princess took the spoon and went to work...

 Looks innocent enough...

 Babycakes wasn't too sure about Little Princess feeding her.

 Especially when Little Princess LOADED UP the spoon.

 There was baby food everywhere!
But it was so much fun!
 Sarah and Little Princess share look at some of the pictures from the dinner she helped feed to Baby cakes.

 Mommy took over after Little Princess had enough of feeding the baby.  (Yes, that's chicken dinner on Babycakes' forehead.)

 Little Princess was such a big helper!  She helped Mommy clean up Babycakes after dinner.

 My beautiful sisters - Sarah, Beth, and Karen.

And my handsome brother, Craig.

It was such a wonderful weekend and I was so sad to see it end.  I wish we were closer to one another but the time we spend together is always a TON of fun.

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