Monday, May 14, 2012

My First Mother's Day

This past weekend marked one of the most significant events in my life.
My very first Mother’s Day. 
To some, this may not seem like a very significant event.  But when you have waited nearly 40 years to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mom, it is a very big deal.
I don’t think I had unrealistic expectations.  I knew breakfast in bed and sleeping past 7:30 were about as likely as a trip to the moon.  I wanted a nice lunch with my amazing husband and beautiful daughter, a nap and a cook out for dinner.  I got everything I dreamed of and more – including a dose of reality.

 This rather unattractive photo was taken after wrestling Babycakes into her church clothes.  She screamed the entire time.  This was my mommy reality check.

Taken immediately after church, the fam.  Babycakes is mesmerized by my beauty necklace.

One of my favorite pictures  ever. Me, the Hubs, and Babycakes.

 After church, my mom (AKA Grammy) met us for lunch.

Of all the wonders of my first Mother's Day nothing will top the fact that my beautiful daughter slept through the night (from 9:00 last night until I woke her at 6:45 this morning) in her crib.  This was the best gift of all.  Now if I could sleep through the night without wondering if she cried and I missed it...
Hope all the mommies out there had a day as wonderful as I did!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful first Mother's Day! Babycakes is ADORABLE. Did you guys have lunch at Cracker Barrel? I recognize the rockers!

    Oh, and thanks for checking out my blog and entering the giveaway - always nice to 'meet' new blog friends!

    1. Thanks! We did have lunch at Cracker Barrel. LOVE that place!
      I love reading your blog and seeing your sweet babies. You sort of inspired me to start my own blog. :-)