Thursday, September 13, 2012

Come On Friday!

Whew!  What a week it has been!  Babycakes has been sick all week.  She started on Saturday with a runny nose and by Monday it was a full blown ear infection (along with goopy eyes, stuffy nose, and chest congestion).  She has been miserable all week.  So she is supposed to go back to the doctor today.  Poor thing looks so pitiful. :-(
In addition to this rotten illness, she fell this week at her Grandma's house and busted her upper lip on a pickle crock.  Fortunately she didn't require stitches, but she is quite a sight!
I am back to classes in an effort to complete the requirements necessary before I begin my dissertation.  I hope to begin that process in January so I can get the blasted thing finished and we can wok on a little brother or sister for Babycakes before I hit menopause! ;-)
Anyway, I am loving the invention of the crock-pot and food processor these days.  Makes my life so much easier!  Now that Pinterest is an app on my Smartphone I have been pinning crockpot recipies like a wild woman.
I hope everyone is healthy and had a great week.  I will try and get some pictures up this weekend.
Hope everyone had a great week!

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