Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This past summer my father-in-law passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.  While it was difficult to watch him pass away, it provided us with great comfort to know that he has merely left the earth and that we will all meet again one day.  One of his favorite places to go was to a place know simply as, "The Cabin."  

"The Cabin" is located on the side of a mountain not far from where he spent his time as a boy.  We had made plans to have a family get together in mid-August so we could all spend some time together.  Sadly, my father-in-law passed away a few weeks before the scheduled gathering. Rather than cancel the event we got together anyway so we could celebrate his life and enjoy being a family.  

This was Babycakes' first trip to "The Cabin."  It is definitely rustic (no indoor plumbing, just an outhouse) but it is wonderful to escape the modern world if only for a few hours. I think she enjoyed her first visit...
One of the Hubs' cousin's brought his dog which was a HUGE hit with little miss!

Some of the kids went mushroom hunting.  While I'm not a fan of mushrooms, the Hubs is and he enjoyed them...especially since they were deep fried!

This was Babycakes' first slice of watermelon!  She loved it!
Just like her Mama, Babycakes enjoys a chocolate dessert at any opportunity.

While this took place nearly 2 months ago, it was one of the more memorable parts of our rather rocky summer.  I hope to make many more trips to "The Cabin" with Babycakes so she knows the mountains near where her Grandpa grew up.  :-)

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