Monday, October 29, 2012

Riding Out the Storm

Here in the Valley, we are riding out the remnants of Hurricane Sandy.  While not my first hurricane, it is definitely one for the record books here.  Even though I haven't really slept for the past 2 nights because Babycakes has been up with a nasty cold, I am wide. freaking. awake. 

The wind is howling and beating the rain against the windows.  The hubs is in the basement with the shop-vac trying to suck up the water as it seeps rolls into the basement.  He really is the best.  He had to roll up the rug, and move all of the furniture (it's our family room) so that he can fight to keep the water at bay. (No pun intended)  All the while he comes upstairs at regular intervals to check on me and Babycakes.  Seriously, how did I get so lucky?

Ugh! Now the lights are flickering and I fear we are about to lose power.  I hope everyone is staying safe and dry.  I will post pics as soon as I can!

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