Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sometimes Life Happens

So I really didn't mean for so much time to pass between posts but somehow, life just happened.

For instance, the week my mom went on vacation (she watches Babycakes 3 days a week) Babycakes came down with an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection.  So instead of going to daycare as planned me and the Hubs had to take turns taking off work to care for our sick little one.  Not long after that WE got sick. :-(  Mommy and Daddy are not allowed to get sick at the same time ever again!

I am in the process of writing my dissertation precis so I can turn it in November 30th.  I met with my academic adviser on Halloween and told her I really needed a deadline so I could stop procrastinating.  While I'm still (sort of) procrastinating, I know I need to get myself together and get the blooming thing written and turned in so that I can start my proposal in the spring semester.  I NEED to get this completed!

Well, duty calls - sick baby is awake again. :-(

Will try and post more again soon! 

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