Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mama's Turn

I've been under the weather since Thursday and I am done with it!  I went to the doctor on Thursday with the hopes of getting some medicine and heading back to work on Friday.  No such luck.  I was told to stay off work until Monday and was tested for the flu. ICK!  Fortunately the test game back negative for influenza A and B.  Unfortunately I have gotten worse instead of better.  So I called in for another sub for tomorrow and will head back to the doctor and hopefully get some antibiotics.  I'm pretty sure Babycakes has shared her most recent bout of bronchitis with her dear, sweet Mama.

Enough of my bellyaching!  Onto more fun things.  I was feeling well enough for a very brief foray into Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up some supplies.  While I was there I picked up some stuff to get some Easter decorating started.  I don't do St. Patrick's Day.  Never been one of my favorite holidays.  So I'm excited to start decorating for Easter because I really like the spring colors and the holiday itself.   In an earlier post I showed off these gems I made for around $6 for supplies I picked up at the Dollar Tree.

So I bought some Easter grass for $0.33 and some malt balls that look like speckled eggs for $2.88 and put together this...

I would show you the whole display but the table is a disaster since I have been sick and the Hubs has had to take care of Babycakes. And to be honest, all I did was stuff Easter grass in the vases and dropped in some eggs.   But hopefully I'll get the house decorated for Easter and will be able to post some pics at a later date.

Have I posted recently what an AMAZING husband I have?  He has totally picked up the ball while I work on getting better.  Right now he is at our last class for our Dave Ramsay Financial Peace University course while my Mom watches Babycakes.  Before he left, I snapped this picture of him and Babycakes watching bull-riding.

I really love that man!  In addition to being an awesome husband and dad, he also does laundry.  He knows how much I LOVE the smell of bedclothes that have hung on the line in the sunshine.  So he did that today.

While I love spring, I am hoping for one more snow day.  Today it really looks like spring is in the air but the forecast is calling for the, "potential for significant snowfall accumulation," on Wednesday.  They seem pretty sure about this - 80% at last check. Bring. It. On.

Anyway, one last picture of Babycakes.  I love that she lets me put pigtails in her hair!

I'm off to watch some Golden Girls, work on finishing a cross-stitch project, and resting.  Hope everyone is healthier than me! :-)

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  1. I did this same project this past fall and love mine!