Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Travels

After a hiatus due to my computer being older than the hills technical difficulties I've been able to return to my blog.  I tried several times to update this blog yesterday but my computer was very disgruntled and simply shut down.  After taking it to the Computer Whisperer (a.k.a. my little bro) it seems to be behaving itself.

Yesterday we headed about an hour south to visit my dad and stepmom at their "summer" house.  With my stepsisters living in Texas and me and my siblings living in Virginia they are dividing their time between the 2 states.  Anyone who has ever spent any time in Texas knows they have wonderful, balmy winters and hotter than hell summers.  Despite the fact that it is (supposedly) spring, they have been in Virginia for several weeks now and I am loving it (as is Babycakes).  As you can see, her Granddaddy is all about spending time with her.  Even if it means getting on the floor with her to color. :-)

 Mama came fully prepared with a bag of books and toys to keep Babycakes entertained during our visit.

 Since her Grandma is a retired professor and her Grandaddy is a book-lover himself, they had no problems reading some books.  (I seriously love this picture!)

Before leaving, the Hubs took a picture of me, my Dad, and Babycakes...

I really am blessed to have such a wonderful family!  Hope everyone had a weekend as great as ours!

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  1. love the family pics and yay for having you back - that one of your parents with Babycakes is PRECIOUS