Saturday, March 9, 2013

Upcycling Project!

I had this old, white t-shirt I was going to throw away because (not to be totally gross) it had pit stains.

While reading one of my favorite blogs, Maybe Matilda,  I came across 2 projects I could use with this old shirt.  The first was a pair of lounge pants for Babycakes.  You can find her fabulous tutorial on her website here.  In about 30 minutes this funky old shirt turned into these fabulous pants for Babycakes!

With some of the t-shirt still salvageable, I was also able to make a short-sleeved tee into a long-sleeved tee.

My sister had given me this shirt and I really didn't need another short-sleeved shirt so this was perfect for my project!  I cut the sleeves off of the pit stained shirt and sewed them onto this shirt and voila! New shirt!  Again, I can't take credit for this brilliant idea.  The tutorial for this gem can be found here.

The remainder of the shirt went in the trash but I'm so excited that I was able to reduce my footprint AND create 2 cute projects! :-)

Thanks to Rachel at Maybe Matilda for the inspiration!

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