Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kitchen Overhaul

I thought I would post a few pics of the kitchen project today.  While we aren't installing new cabinets or replacing the flooring (yet!) I still feel like this job is an overhaul.  Especially considering we are doing ALL of the work ourselves.  Initially I started this by myself.  But I think the Hubs realized I was going to need some help with this project if it was going to be complete before Babycakes starts kindergarten in 3 years!

This was how much I got done the first day.  That ugly hospital green is the oil based paint I need to cover.

Even the ceiling is hospital green!!! Ugh!

Here is the Hubs giving me a hand.  I apologize for the glare in these pictures.

Unfortunately ceiling paint peeling is a lot slower than wall paint peeling. :-(  

This was after a day spent peeling.  I am trying to finish the ceiling today so that I can get some primer and get started on the next phase of this project.  Here's hoping I get this stuff peeled off today!


  1. ugh, wow, what a mess, but you'll be so happy you did it!!! Can't wait to follow the progress!

  2. Thanks Amber! I wish it was ready to paint. I still have at least another day or two of peeling before I can begin to prime.