Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hiatus Over!

I'm back from an unplanned hiatus from my blog.  After all of the emotions I experienced from the event I shared in my last post I just felt I needed some time to spend with my family and to regroup.  I didn't make a conscious decision to take a break from my blog, it just sort of happened.  So my apologies.  I'd also like to thank everyone for their kind words via the comments section and private messages sent to me.  Y'all are the best!  :-)

Anywho, lots of summertime fun has been going on here at Wilted Acres.  While I haven't finished any fabulous craft projects or cooked up anything super-delicious in the kitchen I have been busy making memories with the Hubs and my sweet Babycakes!

Just a few short days after finishing up the school year, we loaded up and headed to the beach for a week with some friends.

Here's Babycakes hanging out on the front porch waiting for everyone to arrive so we can leave.

We went to the beach in Delaware, which was a first for me.  I usually head south to the beach but was pleasantly surprised by 1. how close it was to home and 2. how nice it was!  We rented a condo for the week and it had a pool which was a huge hit with the little one...

Because Delaware doesn't have sales tax AND we were close to a TON of outlets, we even did a little shopping at the Yankee Candle Outlet...

and a super cute, kid-friendly, locally owned bookstore. (That gray blur is the Hubs trying to keep up with the little one!)

Since it was a beach trip we did make it to the beach.  Unfortunately, Babycakes was not a fan.

No sand on these little toes.  She did NOT want that stuff on her feet, her hands, or anywhere near her!  So unlike her beach lovin' Mama!  The sand is my favorite part!  We tried two different days and two different beaches.  Here she is with her Daddy on the second beach disaster visit.

Don't get me wrong.  It's not like she was screaming bloody murder or begging to leave.  She just did not want to sit (or stand) in the sand.  She was perfectly content to sit in my lap or her Daddy's lap.  Especially if we had food.  Girl LOVES to eat.

She also went for a test drive while we were out and about one day...

She also got to visit with some kitties one day while we were out and about.  Other than shoe shopping I think this was one of her favorite parts of the trip.  And I am not joking about the shoe shopping.  The kid was in the Stride Rite outlet store for almost an hour trying on all of the shoes.  

There was also a wonderful park we were able to find in our travels that she loved.  We went there a couple of times during our stay.  So much to do!

 By mid-day, my little girl was tired.  So we made sure there was plenty of time for naps.  Mama joined her most days!

Before leaving, we had to make sure we cleaned up.  Here is Babycakes "helping" her Daddy vacuum before we head out.

So that's one week of my summer thus far. We also went to spend some time with my Dad and Step-mom last week and opened up the "pool" here over the weekend (this consisted of Mommy blowing up a giant zebra pool and filling it with the garden hose).  I did spend some time working on my dissertation proposal yesterday and plan on working on it again tomorrow.  Other than that, it's been a low-key summer so far.  I could get used to this!


  1. glad you took some time to regroup! well it looks like your daughter had a good vaca! did you relax at all lol : )

  2. Lauren, I did nap in the afternoons with Babycakes. Does that count as relaxing? :-)