Monday, July 29, 2013

Summary of My Weekly Goals

If you recall, I posted my goals for the week last Sunday here.  So here is how I did...

-Work on Dissertation for at least 4 hours  DONE! It was a struggle but I was able to spend 4 hours actually working (not painting my nails, checking out Facebook, or other task avoiding behaviors!)
-Make purees (butternut/yellow squash, red pepper, cauliflower)
Done!  While I didn't do them all on Monday I did get all of my purees done this week.  Stay tuned and I'll show you what I'm using them for. :-)

-Call Assistant Principal about possible Professional Development Presentation for faculty
Done!  I even followed up with some of my co-workers so we can try and work together  on a presentation.

Tuesday:-Work on dissertation during Babycakes' nap  This was a fail.  I took a nap. :-(
-Work on Little Firecracker's baby blanket for at least 30 minutes 
35 minutes of work before aforementioned nap!
-Peel paint  While I peeled paint I didn't get as much done as I was hoping.  

Below is a little "before and after."

-Swimming with Babycakes (it is summer after all!)  Done!  Even though it started out a little cool we had a successful morning of swimming. Babycakes even jumped in the water and got her face wet! :-)
-Dissertation during nap  This was a big ole fail.  I can't even remember what I did but I know this didn't happen.
-30 minutes on Little Firecracker's Blanket  Another fail.  Maybe I'll finish the blanket before she goes to kindergarten. :-/

-Minimum 4 hours on dissertation  While not a total failure I only got about an hour of work in that day.  
-"Catch-Up" on household chores  While my house is still not "clean-clean" we can now walk through the dining room without breaking any limbs.

So I feel like this was a somewhat successful week so I'm going to try this again...

3 hours on dissertation
30 minutes on Little Firecracker's blanket
Make granola bars for Babycakes

Pool time!

Peel Paint (and hopefully get the rest of the ceiling paint off!)

Library Time with Babycakes
? Park in the Afternoon?

3 hours on dissertation
30 minutes on Little Firecracker's blanket

Here's to a great week!

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